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Len Sroka

Seescapes.com is the ministry of Len Sroka, a retired producer of multi-media training programs for industry. I now devote my energies to creating video reflections that help us attune to the sacred in our lives.

My life has been a "deep-see exploration" of the sacred in earthy reality. My explorations have taken me through the 14 billion year love story of unfolding creation, and lead me to the promise of an unending New Creation, in which we are called to participate.

I've spent my life gleaning wisdom from the writings of spiritual and scientific visionaries. My search has been inspired by God-lovers, who have also been Earth-lovers. My mentors include:

Seescapes provides resources for your personal exploration of the sacred and loving Reality at the heart of our lives. To help you share your exploration, our videos can be:

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