Seescapes Visitor Comments

“Your “Canticle of the Creatures” video was a lovely experience. I’m all behind your good work.” Jack Wintz, OFM, St Anthony Messenger

“We have been using your DVD's in India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Everyone loves them. God bless your gift.” Sr. Terry Abraham, Ireland

“What wonderful gifts you have, and are sharing through this medium. Bountiful blessings on you and your endeavors.” Joyce Rupp, author and speaker

“You are a Godsend. The Pope came out with a strong message telling priests to get involved in the Internet. That is being actualized by creative friends such as you.” Al Fritsch, SJ,

“The Loveburst DVD is a real work of love that empowers and extends God's creation.” John Haught, Author of Christianity and Science.

“I am so moved by your generous sharing of your work! What a gift you are at this moment of our human story!  I’m so glad to know you’re here, doing what you’re doing!” Mary Southard, CSJ. artist

“What a gift you are giving all of us.Your spirit shines through with such clarity.” Diane Pendola, Skyline Eco-Contemplative Center, California

“You are providing a great ministry through your beautiful Seescapes DVDs. Len, please keep producing them.” Joan Reynolds, Mamre Retreat Centre, Australia 

“I find your approach very creative and charming. I enjoyed it very much and was moved by your deep grasp of the Mystery within and beyond all reality.” Fr. Thomas Keating

“Your  DVD's are so inspiring and nourishing. Blessings on your inspiring mission.” Sr. Terry Abraham, Ireland

“I find the Earthy Eucharist DVD hauntingly beautiful. Such lovely scenes and quotations.” Harvey Egan S.J.

“I love getting the Sharing the Vision weekly message. We can walk around with it, digest it, let it expand, print it off and pin it up if we want.” Mary Southard, CSJ. artist

“The Prayer for Wounded Earth video is awesome. I think you amazingly captured my ideas. Thanks. This is certainly a labor of love.” Al Fritsch, SJ,

“Your labor of love to spread the good news and to awaken those asleep will never go in vain. In God's own time it will bear fruit. I have no doubt that It is already bearing fruit.” Sr. Terry Abraham, Ireland

“I am so impressed with your website and your gracious opportunities to rest in the sacred!” Elizabeth V.

“Our Franciscan appreciation for creation resonates with the deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Your videos are just what we need to raise awareness! Thank you for making them available via YouTube.” Danielle Julien, MFIC, Rome

“Thank you for such a beautiful and deeply spiritual site. I quite got lost in it.” Dorcas

“I will use Loveburst, and Earthy Eucharist on the retreats I am giving.” Sr. Gail Worcelo, Green Mountain Monastery, Vermont

“Your work is beautiful and enriching to the mind, heart and soul.” Cynthia P.

“Thanks for continuing to be a sign of hope and inspiration on our journey.” John and Pat

“You have a way with words… not overbearing, just so relaxing and beautiful…” Martie W.

“I enjoy your photo-meditations immensely. They are poetry in prose, and sheer prayers that inspire fellowship with the Creator. It encourages the viewer to sing ‘How Great Thou Art.’” Walter S.