Seescapes DVDs

Deeper explorations of selected topics, available for purchase as 1080 high-definition DVDs. All the videos from our DVDs can also be viewed online, in their entirety, for free.

Caring for Earth-Home and Earth Family

3 meditations inspired by Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato Si' call us to protect our Earth-Home and our Earth-Family.

Sacred Seeing

Deep-seers help us to see the Sacred in the Inscapes, the Liminal Spaces, and the Thin Places in our lives.

Seeing Light Unseen

The sights revealed by invisible light astronomy shed light on the unseen spiritual realities of our lives.

Spirit Is Elemental

Earth is an elemental dance of Divine Presence. We are an elemental dance of Divine Presence.

Earthy Eucharist

Inspired by "Mass On The World" by priest-scientist Teilhard de Chardin and "Laudato Si—Care for Our Common Home" by Pope Francis.

Earthy Spirituality

Four meditations on 'communion with Earth, and communion with God through Earth' that share the vision of Priest-scientist Teillhard de Chardin.

The 14 Billion Year Love Story

Meditations on 14 billion years of ongoing creation.

The Divine Dimension

Earth-things gift us with a sense of the Presence that surrounds us and fills us. Inspired by Teilhard de Chardin's The Divine Milieu.

Gifts of Presence

God is always present as our greatest gift, even when we feel God's absence. Are we present to God and to each other? Can we give the gift of our presence?

Healing Earth

Blessing the Water, Air and Land We Share, From the writings of Al Fritsch, S.J.

Living Inside Out

When we live our out-side, from our in-side, we become doers who know how to be.

Immersed in Love Divine

The air, water, and earth in which we live, and move, and have our being are gifts of love from the Love Divine which surrounds us and fills us.

Savor the Mystery

Love, life, and God are mysteries to be lived, and savored.

Deep See Explorations

We all are deep seeing explorers, stretching our sight to everything around us and everywhere beyond us. In the deep recesses of the soul our deepest hearts yearn to see farther.