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In this time of rampant divisiveness, nine reflections invite us to heal our divisions, deepen our connections, and claim the undivided wholeness of our humanity.

  1. EITHER/OR Divides — BOTH/AND Unites
  3. PART-Thinking Divides — WHOLE-Thinking Unites
  4. Relating PARTS to WHOLES
  5. Living a BOTH/AND Life
  1. For the LOVE of WHOLE-MAKING
  2. Our WHOLE and HOLY Planet
  3. Our WHOLE and HOLY Biosphere
  4. We MANY are ONE

Earthy Revelations

Seeing Earth as a glimpse of the Divine.

Caring for Earth-Home and Earth-Family
3 videos
Earthy Spirituality
4 videos
The 14 Billion Year Love Story
3 videos
Spirit Is Elemental
5 videos
Healing Earth
7 videos
Immersed in Love Divine
5 videos

Sacred Presence

Relating to the Divine through all creation.

Life Death and New Life
3 videos
Gifts of Presence
4 videos
The Divine Dimension
3 videos
Earthy Eucharist
3 videos
Savor the Mystery
4 videos
Living Inside Out
3 videos

Sacred Sensing

Sensing the Divine in everyday reality.

Seeing Light Unseen
3 videos
Sacred Seeing
4 videos
Soulful Gazing
4 videos
Fatherly Wisdom
9 videos
Motherly Wisdom
7 videos
Deep See Exploration
2 videos