Library>Embracing Our DIVERSE UNITY

In this time of rampant divisiveness, nine reflections invite us to heal our divisions,
deepen our connections, and claim the undivided wholeness of our humanity.

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Seeing life as "EITHER us OR them" sets the stage for conflict and exclusion.
Seeing life as "BOTH us AND them" heals division and builds harmony.
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We are a people of many faces, many races, many beliefs.
Our loving God connects us in a web of interwoven relationships.
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It's time to see that parts are ALWAYS MORE than JUST PARTS.
Connecting parts creates new WHOLES, that can be greater than the parts.
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When we join what seem to be just parts, we gain...WHOLE NEW ways of relating...
WHOLE NEW levels of consciousness...a WHOLE NEW way of BEING.
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BOTH/AND living bridges our differences — connecting Right with Left,
linking Positive with Negative, reconciling Dark with Light, uniting Body and Spirit.
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Whole-makers, like Pope Francis, invite us to join in...sharing our mutual belonging...
praising God by connecting...healing relationships with our Earth-family and Earth-home.
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Gaining a global world-view through the eyes of International Space Station astronauts
enables us to see Earth indivisible shared home for us all.
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Our living Biosphere depends on Earth's Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Geosphere.
Each sphere relates to the others. It's God's gift of life.
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Our unity is so physical that we all are one body in Christ.
Through the Spirit of Christ, present in all humanity, we all are related.
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